Sembayu Villa Story

The story began in 2013 when a family of avid hikers stumbled upon a sight to behold…

Breathtaking. Spectacular. Magnificent.

These were the words that struck the family of five as the view unfolded before their eyes. They had just finished a morning hike in the Berembun forest reserve and were exploring the surroundings on the peak of Pantai Hill, Seremban. The treasure that they accidentally came upon was an empty land with a gorgeous, panoramic landscape view of the Berembun rainforest!

So captivated were they that the inspiration for a villa soon came about. The initial plan was for the place to be a home away from home, a weekend retreat getaway for family and friends. However, after the villa was constructed three years later, the family decided that such an amazing gift was to be shared with others.

“Beauty is meaningless until it is shared.” George Orwell

Nature Preservation

Nature has an incredible ability to heal and inspire. Its worth is priceless.

Sembayu was carefully built around nature to preserve authenticity and its natural environment. As believers of nature conservation, we only use eco-friendly products to ensure Mother Nature is protected.

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